Neiko 02256A Heavy Duty 5-Ton Puller Review

December 22, 2015
Neiko 02256A heavy duty 5-ton cable puller come-along

Our Rating

Ease of Use
Don't trust the claimed maximum capacity rating.


Type: Cable Puller
Maximum Capacity: 10,000 pounds
Cable Length: 12 feet
Cable Diameter: 3/16 inch
Weight: 13.4 pounds
Country of Origin: Made in China
Price range: $50 - $100

Key Features

  • Long ratchet handle for extra leverage
  • Three latch hooks and double gear system
  • Constructed of steel for durability

The Neiko Tools USA brand of come-alongs are manufactured in China and sold in the US and elsewhere by a number of distributors. The company doesn’t seem have an official English language website, which might be bad news if you need to deal with the manufacturer for spare parts or repairs. Make sure you find out about the warranty and return policy that the retailer offers before you buy.

The 3/16 inch cable is made of galvanized steel, and is 12 feet long. This tool is constructed of steel for the added durability you need to pull the heaviest loads.

As with other come-alongs, the lever handle combined with the ratchet and pulley give you the mechanical advantage that you need to pull very heavy loads by hand. This model has a double gear system and three latch hooks, giving you more versatility. The third hook can be latched to the winch body, enabling the pulley block to double the pulling power, but it shortens the cable by half. For lighter jobs, hook the third pulley directly up to your load and take advantage of the full cable length.

Many owners have pointed out that the heavy duty Neiko 02556A doesn’t come with a lot of information. Does the “5-ton rating” refer to the maximum rated capacity or the safe working load? Without any included load certificate and based on people’s experience, I would suggest 5 tons is the maximum load capacity. Referring to this come-along as a 5-ton puller is misleading and the safe working load is probably only about 2 tons, which is the limit for 3/16 inch cable.

It’s always a good idea to inspect the cable puller as soon as it’s delivered (or before you buy it, if you’re purchasing it from a store). This way you can return it immediately if there is a problem. Make sure that all the parts are intact and that they move freely. Some people have found that this cable puller arrives unlubricated, which is an easy enough problem to fix yourself before you use it. Use it on smaller jobs at first until you know how it will perform.

Our Verdict

The Neiko 02556A 5-Ton come-along gets mixed reviews. Many owners are completely satisfied with it, and it does the job they need it to do. There are also a lot who had problems with it right from the start. One of the biggest concerns is the lack of information available. The load rating is dangerously overstated and there’s not much in the way of instructions to clarify what the safe load is. I wasn’t able to find an instruction manual online, either.

On the other hand, this is not a particularly expensive purchase. If you’ve used come-along winches before and are confident working with them, you’ll probably be fine with this one. Use it as you would use a puller with a safe working load of about 2 tons. This will allow you to use it around the house or farm for tasks like felling trees, stretching fences, or moving heavy equipment around. Just be aware that if something goes wrong after the retailer’s return policy runs out, you may be on your own.


  • Inexpensive
  • Optional 3rd hook
  • Pulley block doubles pulling-power


  • Overstated maximum capacity
  • Inadequate cable
  • Lack of documentation
  • No manufacturer's warranty
Check price and availability

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